Feel A Little Light: The Tachyon Chamber Experience At Leader Creek Mercantile

Testimonial By: Nova Biscotti 

It is not often that in the course of one day a person feels their life has literally changed course for the better and also knows the effects are permanent. We can all remember bad days which irreversibly change our lives – but positive change is usually more subtle and takes longer to become clear.

I had one of those rare “positive shift” days this past March 25th. It certainly did not start out that way. I experienced a restless night of (no) sleep plagued by anxiety, mental confusion, and regret over recent personal experiences. This caused me to wake up with severe acid re-flux and a salty foul mood. Nonetheless, I packed up my necessities from where I was staying and made a short journey to my destination – the Tachyon Chamber at Leader Creek Mercantile near Eagle Butte, South Dakota.


I found out a few months ago such a chamber was constructed ‘relatively’ close to where I reside (no – I am NOT from Manchester in the UK). The drive the prior day was long and solitary – hundreds of miles of barren post-winter farm landscape dredged up visceral memories of my lonely youth in the “Upper Midwest” of the United States. These are not exactly visuals which would foreshadow a major positive breakthrough.

Nonetheless, from the very minute I turned off of Highway 63, I realized there was something magical about this place.

Ignore the calendar – when the forecast for wind-swept snow, it is NOT spring. Yet the energy at this location felt so wonderful, so positive – even in a raging blizzard one could feel the love of Mother Earth in this location. Stepping out of the car, this was even more apparent. The appearance of the March landscape is deceiving – this is a place of healing.

Cynthia herself is a very warm and gracious host. You feel welcome from the first “Hello”, and she will happily give the customer her time and energy such that the healing experience is as beneficial as possible.

For me, that first day I experienced a twenty minute session and a sixty minute session – both meant to heal energetic wounds which have resulted from being in a very dark place due to repeated energetic attacks since writing the following article in October 2014:


Quite simply, I feel I’ve been unable to effectively write much of anything useful since that time; and given where this current article is being published, it’s obvious that I view The EVENT as being something supremely important for all of us. I felt it was absolutely critical to get over my mental blocks and personal demons.  I needed follow through on the many promises I have made to fulfill my mission during this lifetime on the planet. That is why I came here, and the Tachyon Chamber delivered fully.

Others have come to the Chamber to assist in healing physical maladies – cancer, Parkinson’s, chronic pain to name a few. I too suffer regularly from aches and pains, but what needed healing most was my mind and my heart. To that end, I am utterly shocked at the immediate effects which I experienced that first day. During the time I was in the chamber, I focused my thoughts upon what I needed to do in order to break through my self-doubt and mental fog. This is a key aspect of the Chamber’s healing capabilities, and I emphasize this to set reasonable expectations for customers: we all have the mental free will whether to believe a device like this can help us or not. The energies involved are essentially spiritual in nature – and where we focus our thoughts and emotions will influence the effectiveness of the device.

Moreover, the positive energy of the surrounding area brings up another key point: that the Tachyon Chamber can be used as much for holistic purposes as it is to treat existing conditions – and that the long-term energies of that location will be optimal if people come there before a medical crisis has already begun. This keeps the vibration of the local landscape high, and allows more people to benefit not just from the Tachyon Chamber but also the inherent healing energies of the vortex where this device is located.

Ultimately, I already feel like a changed person. Once I got back to where I was staying, I was immediately inspired to write about my experience – and finished a full draft of this article that very night. Considering I’ve not written anything I considered publishable for several months, the freedom with which I was able to write these words was an exercise in pure bliss.

In the following article on Cobra’s “The Portal” blog…


…the following paragraph is of particular interest:LittleHouseOnPrarie

“This (removal of plasma strangelet & toplet bombs) has triggered a strong reaction of the Chimera group and they have ordered the Archons to turn up the volume of their technologies to attack and suppress the Lightworkers and Lightwarriors because the Lightworkers / Lightwarriors are the key to the Shift of the Ages. They use infrasound and plasma scalar waves.”

During this period of heightened attacks, I felt I was losing my mind – and many around me would have been inclined to agree that I was pretty far gone. This was one of the most intense and sustained periods of emotional pain I’ve felt in my life. Honestly, I was doing more harm than good to fellow lightworkers and lightwarriors. My self-esteem was utterly wrecked, and I was dragging down a good many people who all have their own important missions at this critical time in history.

Right up until my first session in the Chamber, I felt as deep of a hopelessness as I’ve ever felt in my life. For someone who suffered greatly while living with crippling depression for twenty years, that is a weighty statement.

However, I now have a clearer mind and peace in my heart – and the healing effects have been more noticeable every day. For others out there who’ve been overwhelmed by the advanced negative technologies of the Chimera and their minions, I want to emphasize that there is hope. The situation can improve, and I urge you to take a trip to Leader Creek Mercantile to experience that hope first-hand.

(Author’s Additional Notes April 2, 2016: Multiple sessions are recommended if time and money are not obstacles. After I wrote the initial draft of this article, I still needed substantial additional healing.  The emotional and mental clearing has been at times extremely difficult and messy. I should know better than to think that a lifetime – many lifetimes – of wounding would be healed during two sessions in one day. After March 25, I went through 3 additional forty-minute sessions over the next two days, and I needed all of them. The healing continued even past the days spent in South Dakota, and involved substantial remote healing from various trusted light-workers as well. Nonetheless, none of this additional healing would have been successful, I feel, without the Tachyon Chamber sessions. If one does the math, I was willing to spend $600 plus travel-related expenses to do this. In my opinion, the benefits are worth at least twice that amount. Moreover, in contrast to ‘modern’ medicinal practices, the positive effects are permanent and continue even after the final session!)

Do yourself a favor and visit the Chamber. To quote Harry Charger, “If people take it upon themselves to heal as individuals, then Mother Earth will herself also be healed.” Given the energy I experienced just on that land, when combined with my experience at the Tachyon Chamber, I truly now can “Feel a Little Light”.

Cynthia Charger can be contacted via email at cynthiacharger@hotmail.com or via her cell phone at 605-200-6200.