On The Road SD
On The Road,  South Dakota


We invite you to experience Leader Creek Mercantile.  Our shop is located on the beautiful prairie of South Dakota on Highway 63,  just five miles south of Eagle Butte. You will experience the vibrancy  and strength of Mother Earth as you arrive through the incredible South Dakota landscapes.  Our story is the realization of a long held dream of a healing place for all people of all nations at this beautiful spot on Mother Earth.   Our friend and relative, Harry Charger, Wa’Anataan, held the space for a healing center for the many abuses humans have created for each other.   We hope your dreams of health, happiness and strength are realized.   Our shop consists of a therapeutic tachyon chamber and a small trading post showcasing gifts from the prairie.


Our promise  is to make your visit a positive and welcoming experience.

The tachyon healing chamber is a divinely and uniquely inspired device allowing you to access the Divine Grace of the Universe for your ultimate physical, mental and emotional health.  All organs and cells within the body originally  followed their own blueprint of creation.  In today’s world many situations interact to create pain, trauma, disease etc. for the body and mind.

The tachyon device creates an abundance of tachyons for your benefit.  Tachyons are the energy that all blueprints access to create your being .  Whatever assistance is needed in your body, mind and spirit is therefore available to you.  This chamber is one of two presently available to the public in the United States.

Five sessions of 20 minutes each is recommended for your tachyon experience. Your internal guidance may recommend more sessions, especially if you have any major concerns in your life. It is possible to schedule two sessions per day. It is highly recommended you make motel reservations prior to your arrival. A list of possible accommodations can be emailed to you at your request.

The cost for a session is $3.00 per minute.  Please email  ccharger@leadercreekmercantile.com or call 605-200-6200 to create your tachyon experience.

You can learn more about tachyons at this link  www.tachyonis.org/Chamber.html

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